How to Paint Trees Part 1

Want to paint loose, impressionistic trees in pastel?


We’ve all struggled to convey those pesky little leaves at one time or another. And if we’re really honest, we'd admit that we have fallen prey to the perilous trap of painting one leaf at a time! 

Well take heart, because in this lesson I’m going to show you how to harness the power of suggestion by creating the impression of leaves without actually rendering each of them. Let freedom ring!

By the end of this two-part video lesson, you’ll know how to create loose painterly trees with wonderful color and bold fresh marks that sparkle against the sky. 

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Are you ready to be liberated from the leaf-induced shackles of painting foliage? 

Watch Part One of, “How To Paint Trees”!

P.S. Look out for part two of this video lesson coming to you on April 17, 2019!