TOP 10 Art Techniques Composition Secrets

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TOP 10 Art Techniques Composition Secrets

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Set yourself up for painting success before you ever pick up a brush, with these ten composition and design tips from's most popular instructors. In this video, learn how to choose your subject and create a strong composition, wether you're working on a landscape in pastel or an urban street scene filled with people and movement. From drawing techniques to choosing a color scheme, you'll get the secrets to successful art!

With lessons pulled from:

Landscape Painting in Pastel: Plein Air with Liz Haywood-Sullivan

From Photos to Fantastic: Painting Watercolor Seascapes with Iain Stewart

Basic Drawing Techniques with Mark Menendez

Capturing Light & Form - Still Life in Pastel with Alain Picard

Design: Landscape Painting Techniques for Success with Ian Roberts

Capturing Light in Watercolor: Figure Painting with Thomas W. Schaller

Capturing Light & Color - Landscape Painting in Pastel with Alain Picard

From Photos to Fantastic: Sketching Cityscapes with Iain Stewart

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