Learn to Draw with Alain Picard: Basics DVD

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Learn to Draw with Alain Picard: Basics DVD


Build up a strong foundation of basic drawing techniques with Alain Picard's easy to follow instruction. Start by learning Alain's seven visual habits for successful observation, including techniques for capturing accurate size, perspective, and tone. Alain then takes you through five important drawing habits, starting with absolute basics such as how to hold a pencil and moving on to helpful exercises such as contour and gesture drawing. Finally, learn the four routine habits Alain uses every day as you bring all your new skills together by drawing a pear step by step.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to see like an artist with tools like angularization, measuring for units, and negative shape identification
  • Tips on choosing the right tool and hand position for any situation
  • How to develop tone, depth, and dimension layer by layer

With Alain's fun and simple process, anyone can pick up a pencil and learn to draw!

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