Painting Skin Tones in Pastel DVD


Painting Skin Tones in Pastel DVD


You'll love this Workshop DVD if:

  • You're ready to enhance the realism in your portrait paintings
  • You're interested in color mixing tips from a master artist
  • You love pastel painting and you're ready to take your skills to the next level

In this video from pastel portraitist Alain Picard, you’ll learn how to paint six different skin tones using chalk pastels. You learn about using color charts and concepts of hue, shade and tone to set up a pastel palette in a variety of colors and pastel types. Then, follow along with Alain to create a chart for each skin tone, ranging from pale skin to dark brown or black, containing nine different shades in a range of cool, neutral and warm. On the way, you’ll also learn how to apply the chart to your portraits so that creating realistic skin tones in pastel becomes easy. You’ll be ready to create your own skin charts and start drawing your friends in no time!

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Painting Skin Tones in Pastel 

Customer Reviews

I really enjoyed this teaching dvd. I think Mr. Picard is a very precise, clear and friendly teacher. His explanations are easy to understand and very insightful. I purchased all of his dvds and I learned a lot! I learned more than I learned in my local art class. Fabulous dvd. Don't pass his dvds up! - Martha

The video really helped me get my skin colors selected, and I just did things in the order that you talked about, and it went much faster! - Janice

A new way to analyse color in pastel. I really liked this video, Picard is a very good teacher. - Martine

I saw this video on Artist Network. Alain Picard thought of a nice method to clarify the choice of skintones. It's better to select our palette before painting (for color harmony) and Picard shows us how to do it wonderfully! It's original, a new way to teach how to treat skintones. We want to see him paint a whole portrait? Do like me, buy all the series! :)