Pastel Basics Book

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Pastel Basics Book

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Pastel is a versatile medium unlike any other. Although beginning artists are often interested in pastel, the medium can appear intimidating to the novice. With its comprehensive introduction, tips, techniques, and easy-to-follow instruction, Pastel: Basics seeks to create a fun and approachable means of introducing this adaptable medium to beginning artists, illustrating that pastels are accessible to any artist who wants to work with them. This book covers the basic pastel tools and materials, as well as the differences between hard and soft pastels and how to use them. Accomplished artist Alain Picard provides an in-depth introduction to color theory, training aspiring artists how to use and blend pastel colors effectively to achieve the desired temperature, mood, and atmosphere, as well as to create depth and movement. Artists will discover how to achieve soft and vibrant effects, render light and shadow, and achieve a range of textures with this delicate and soft medium. In addition, artists will learn how to create a range of strokes using myriad techniques, such as stippling, hatching, blending, and more, and discover methods for creating brilliant skies, realistic reflections, luminous light, velvety tones, and deep shadows. Simple step-by-step projects allow artists of all abilities to put their newfound pastel skills to use and include such subjects as a landscape, a portrait, and a still life. With expert instruction, a breadth of coverage, helpful tips, and colorful illustrations, Pastel: Basics is the perfect resource for artists wanting to get started using this fun and vibrant medium.

Dimensions: 10.25" x 13.75"  32 pages, paperback

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Customer Reviews


LOVE IT! This is really an exception example of the use of pastels in choosing skin colors for all types of skins. This clarified a lot of choices and when to use certain choices in pastels. I highly recommend it.

Pat Mapes


This has been a great help for my artist daughter who is branching out trying new things! She is loving working with pastels and this book helped her feel successful with her first picture!

Penny S. Rice

Fun and Easy

I really enjoyed this book. It is easy to understand and apply the methods used. I like his impressionistic style.


Great resource

Great resource for getting further in how to bring pastel painting to life. Light is easily demonstrated by Alain Picard. A gifted teacher and artist.


Five Stars

Short but a lot of useful info, especially if you are new to pastel work. Highly recommend!


Fabulous Inspiration

Mr. Picard has been an fabulous inspiration to me. I have always worked in acrylics however, fell in love with pastels because of his books that I purchased. I am now, because of him, venturing out to portraits and light studies...
He is truly amazing!!