The First Meeting

As we begin the creative process together, there are many possibilities to explore. Our first meeting will allow you to bring your insight to the collaboration as we discover the purpose of your piece. Where will the painting hang? Will it be formal or informal? We'll discuss the size, medium, clothing and background that will appear in the painting- all with the intention of capturing your unique personal character within the portrait. A date and location for the photoshoot and potential life sketch will be set.

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I work from a combination photographic references and life sittings. The photoshoot may take place at your home, in my studio, or another location. At this time numerous digital photographs are taken to explore a variety of poses, expressions, and lighting affects. I may also create a life sketch to gain a further understanding of the likeness. You'll receive a refined collection of digital proofs for your review and selection of the desired pose.

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In The Studio

Once we've agreed on the pose, I move to the studio where the majority of the painting is completed. As the portrait comes to life, I'll refer to my sketches, photographs, and recollections to reflect the true character and likeness you wish to convey.

Final Sitting and Review

I may request a final life sitting as a last step in completing the portrait and receiving your approval. At this time any necessary adjustments to the likeness will be made to your satisfaction. I treasure your input during this final stage of the painting process, as our collaboration achieves the most fulfilling and successful results.


The Unveiling

You may wish to celebrate the completion of your new portrait with an unveiling among family and friends. What better way to enhance an event or party than to reveal your new family heirloom.

Your Complete Satisfaction

Every effort will be made not only to ensure client satisfaction with the portrait, but also to allow for the highest degree of permanence of the painting itself. Only the most archival materials will be used in the interest of longevity, so the portrait may be enjoyed for generations to come.

Contact Alain Picard at 203.297.1399 or email [email protected] to commission a portrait.