Travel Supply list

Pastel Materials (click the links for examples)

* Soft Pastels - Bring a large variety of colors. A 60 piece set is appropriate.  Terry Ludwig, Great American, Schminke, Blue Earth, Unison, Sennelier, Girault, etc.

* Optional Hard Pastels - A small selection of 12-24. Cretacolor, Faber-Castell, NuPastel (for portraits bring ochres, browns, warm flesh tones and white)   

* Pastel paper - Bring an assortment, white or toned. Sizes: 6x8”, 8x10”, 9x12”, 12x18"

  • For wet or dry application: UART, Pastel Premier, Art Spectrum Velour and Colourfix, Pastelmat, Sabretooth, Canson Touch

  • For dry application only: Canson Mi Teintes, La Carte Pastel Card

* Sanded pastel paper scraps for color studies. Bring few, smallish sizes around 4x6”

* Backing board - slightly larger then paper size (foam board, gatorboard, drawing board)

* Optional Clear Bags - for 9x12” sanded paper: (pack of 100) other sizes available

* Glassine Protective Sheets- assorted sizes available (pack of 25)

* Pastel Travel Box - Recommended for palette arrangement and travel. Heilman Box, Dakota Traveler      

* Travel Easel - For those with a pastel box, the Mabef Travel Easel works well, and is designed to hold your pastel box. For those with a Heilman box (my preferred choice), they come with a 3/8” thread predrilled for mounting directly to a camera tripod. Using this along with the small and light Heilman Easel—which installs into the pre-drilled holes of any Heilman pastel box—is a great setup. Finally, the Easel Butler accessory is designed to fit on any standard camera tripod and hold a pastel box. Another excellent and simple resource for travel painters.

* Compact Travel Tripod: MeFoto Roadtrip Aluminum: very light, compact and portable

* Small Sketchpad for thumbnail sketching

* Soft pencil (2B-6B) or Ebony and kneaded erasers

* Flat brush for pastel washes

* Acid Free Artists Tape 1” - (white or black)

* Paper Towels, wet wipes - for cleaning hands

* Optional Gloves in a Bottle - Skin Cream for protection

* Optional blending Tools - Use depending on your preference. Tortillons, stumps, brushes, rubber blending tools

* Optional Artists Pocket Color Wheel 

* Optional Artists Gray Scale & Value Finder 

* Single edge razor blade  - for sharpening hard pastels to a point

* A Camera- for taking photographic reference. Digital SLR or Mirrorless Cameras with interchangeable lenses are best.

 In this video, I'll show you how to pack your carry-on luggage with all the pastel painting supplies needed for an efficient, portable painting setup.