How To Mount Your Pastel Paper

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received questions from artists asking me how to mount sanded pastel paper to board. While delegating the assignment to your local framer is a valid option, there is a DIY approach.

Sanded papers like UART are produced on rolls and have a tendency to curl up at the edges over time. It’s definitely no fun to fight those curls while you’re trying to paint, not to mention the problem of buckling the paper during washes! 

Well, get ready for buckle free bliss, because I’m about to show you my personal method for mounting pastel paper to board right in the studio without the use of an expensive dry mount press. By the end of this video, you’ll be empowered to mount your own pastel surfaces like a DIY pro. 

Want to create stable, buckle free boards that can take the abuse of wet underpaintings, and frame up beautifully?  Then be sure to sign up for the DIY MOUNTING GUIDE below, because it’s time to conquer the curl together! 

Let’s do this.